Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Great Values for the best Games for You

Great Values for the best Games for You

All three major video game console manufacturers, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, have launched the newest consoles in recent weeks in an attempt to increase sales over Christmas.The research firm estimates that these new devices will keep market growth until 2019. If consoles like PlayStation (Sony) or Xbox (Microsoft) currently account for about 31% of the market, in 2017 their share will increase to 40%. Instead, the market share of handheld consoles, like 3DS (Nintendo) or Sony PSVita, will drop to 13% in 2017 from 22% of the market today as a result of increased competition from tablets and phones.

Better Opportunities

Smartphones and tablets offer a radically different budget experience, the tablet is a serious console competitor. The decision to buy between the tablet and the console will drive the success of this generation of cars. With the Run 3 unblocked 66 the details are there.

Also, as opposed to the offline computer games market that would experience an irreversible decline, the popularity of online gaming would increase as they dominate the market in China and South Korea. An example is the online Candy Crush online game that has recently recorded a record 700 million sessions a day and sales of 850,000 euros in one.

  • Online gaming would average 11.4% while the mobile gaming market would grow by 12.2% annually between 2013 and 2017.
  • Experts warns that traditional video game developers, who are accustomed to selling their children’s games of their games, have failed to keep up with their virtual rivals and have not been able to take advantage of the phenomenal success of gaming on social networks.
  • Many electronic games are desensitizing you. You get to tolerate violence, obscene language and immorality and leave your guard down in other aspects of life. You have to be very careful what you choose to play!

Since the mid-70s, when they appeared, video games have evolved so much that they have come to write the history of computers and the internet. There are users who buy computers exclusively based on the performance required by certain computer games.

Online Games – a sub-niche of this industry

You do not even have to be a programmer or work in a gaming company to try and take advantage of this industry.Thanks to the internet and browser games, almost anyone can create their own online gaming site that they can exploit by selling ads like any other site.

You can create a top of online games, a forum or an online community of lovers of famous games, all kinds of fan clubs and so on.Everyone can become an online business idea built around passion for games and entertainment but with real and serious profits.