Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Greater Opportunities for the Proper Gaming Activities Online

Greater Opportunities for the Proper Gaming Activities Online


So, smartphone or tablet? This question confuses a lot of people, but in fact, most of them ask such people who like to play different games on Android gadgets.

It turns out that everyone enjoys sharing into two camps:

  • Users confident that the tablets are more convenient in terms of games;
  • Users are confident that smartphones are much better suited for this.

But, in fact, each of these devices has its pros and cons, which we will discuss in more detail later in the article. You can trust our experience, because we have a lot of experience in the field of android devices. Next, we will use examples to sort out what is best to play.

Let’s take the main example of the race genre. Racing games can cover absolutely all aspects of the game on smartphones and tablets, so it is very convenient to understand all this on the example of racing. With Run 3 unblocked the options are perfect now.

Racing on phones

First, take the smartphones. They are portable, compact, and very productive. The insides, that is, the internal characteristics of the smartphone are not inferior to the characteristics of the tablets, so you shouldn’t argue about the software of games, especially races, because it is equivalent. Now we will touch directly on such a point as management.

In many races, control is carried out using special touch buttons, which in their appearance duplicate real pedals, as in a car. In some races even a real steering wheel is drawn, which rotates by pressing the sensor.

Tablet racing

Now let’s say that you decided to download the race on the tablet. Large screen, performance, eases of game management. It would seem that all is well. However, very many races are controlled by the accelerometer. Twisting the tablet in your hands is not very convenient, besides the fact that it is heavy, it is inconvenient to constantly hold it in your hands in one position. So now our “rivals” are a double-edged sword. No one can clearly say that it is more convenient. Someone claims that the accelerometer on large tablets is much more obedient, and requires less effort than a smartphone.

Unambiguous output cannot be done. Everyone chooses for themselves what is more convenient.

In the end, racing is a universal game, and you can get used to the controls very quickly, as the developers take this into account when creating the game.

Where to download the race?

You can download the race for your tablet very quickly using our website We provide you with only the best content, which is checked not only by us, but also by millions of players around the world. You will surely appreciate the fact that the most popular games are completely free. You will get acquainted with the hottest news of this year.