Understanding the Game

First of all I will start by giving a brief review of what I do, do not worry it has to do with League of Legends.

I am a “special” player, I do not say it because I have a great skill, on the contrary, I do not like to make an effort, my job is basically to look for vulnerabilities in applications or games and to exploit them in summary I create hacks and specific tools for some games (none for League of Legends) but I need to explain it so that they understand a little more thoroughly the process by which I understand the game.

1.- In all games you can cheat, there are illegal cheats (cheats) and legal traps (exploits or vulnerabilities of the game). You may need Boost Elo.

2.- This tutorial has nothing to do with HACKS and I do not approve the use of any hack in League of Legends nor do I promote it (we must make it clear).

3.- My point of view is very technical and what I will explain below is a clear and obvious way to deceive more than 70% of the players, you can go from bronze to platinum without any problem.

Understanding the system

To abuse a system you must first understand it, what is the system and what is it based on?

All games have a system, either cross castles to rescue a princess, raise levels and get more power, win games to raise elo, in short is a series of steps that repeat over time.

The system in League of Legends is quite simple and they all happen in the afternoon or early:

Choose a champion
Buy Items
Push Towers
Destroy inhibitor and Nexus