Why You Need a Secure League of Legends Smurf Account

A smurf account is a low-level account that is used for playing League of Legends. The two types include elo and low level smurf accounts. The former is commonly used by higher ranked players that want to hide their identity, while the latter can be used by players of any skill level. Players worldwide usually purchase cheap accounts that are of high quality on the internet. It offers them the opportunity to attempt different things without having their main account banned. Here are the top reasons why you need to consider buying a League of Legends smurf account.

· Practice a new champion

Without mincing words, this is the number one reason why most gamers buy smurf lol accounts. As a matter of fact, practicing a new champion can be challenging, especially if you have no idea about the skills. Although the Practice Tool feature can be used to practice a new champion, the experience can’t be compared with playing against skilled real players. Trying out a new champion with the account is the best way to learn quickly.

· Prevent long queue

Spending over 30 mins in high elo can be really frustrating. Most of the gamers of this era have other activities and interests that they often engage in. Once a player buys this type of account, there is no need to wait for too long.

· Play on a completely different region

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to play in another region and have been considering moving your account. You can purchase a smurf lol account on your preferred region instead. This makes it possible for players to have two accounts on different regions and enjoy games.

· An avenue to challenge yourself

Truth be told, buying this type of account will definitely make you a better League of Legends player. After investing time and effort into your high-level account, you may decide to start all over again. Due to the fact that you’ve gained lots of experience, it will be easier to reach the same level that is on your main account within a short period of time.

· Play with your rookie friends

Chances are you have friends that are low-level players and want to learn more about the game. Asking such friends to play with you in ranked matches isn’t a good idea. The truth is that it will be really difficult for them to learn in this manner. There is a guarantee that your main account will be free from any losses if you play with the account.

· Attempt a new role

Becoming a pro League of Legends player requires more than just a basic knowledge of the game. Practicing a new role with a main account is quite risky. The best thing is to use a lol smurf account to determine whether a particular role is right for you or not. Even if you lose games, the ranks on your main account will be maintained. More so, you can learn about the new strategies and other features that come with the new role.